Covered Beyond 365 – #366

As Walt Durajlija has completed the Covered 365 project at, but issue numbers go well beyond and there still seem to be a lot of great covers to look at, I thought I would try extending the concept for awhile. I hope that I can get some constructive feedback on my choices – I’ve really enjoyed reading the thoughts of others during Walt’s project. “Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.” Also please look ahead – I did this in my comments to the Covered 365 posts, and I would appreciate any input ahead of time to guide my thoughts.

#366 is a proof of concept and a WordPress trial for me, so excuse me for any technical difficulties. If I can make this work I’ll look to smooth these out in the future. I’m also jumping the gun a bit, but from here on I’ll try to run these on the right days.

I continue to be surprised by how many good covers there are to choose from this late in the game. I’d like to show them all, but to preserve space I’m going to try to limit myself to three choices, and just comment on any others. Of course if there is a really choice JOWA that’s going to show up as well.

Speaking of that – maybe it’s a bad portent for this effort, but my pick for #366 has to be the JOWA, which is Thor.


Yes it’s crazy but that’s the point. The cover has action, color, composition, and most of all it gets you to ask – what is the story here?

Runner-up is Adventure. I can never get enough Neal Adams covers from the sixties and early seventies. A beautiful classic that presages Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.


Third place to Batman. No real story but great art and composition. I had no idea who did it (feel free to attack my naivete) – it’s Simonson again! I already loved his work going in to Covered 365, but I had no idea how consistent and versatile he was. Now another notch up in my appreciation.


Other candidates:

  • Action is another great piece of work by Adams, but very static
  • Detective is another in the line of Infantino classics from this period, but again too static for my tastes
  • Sgt. Rock – if you’ve read my comments on Covered 365, you know that I have really grown to love Kubert. This one is utterly dismal but really unique. It again is pretty static, but I think it might have reached the top three if the layout had been somehow more creative

9 thoughts on “Covered Beyond 365 – #366

  1. Chris! You beast! I love that you are going for this, you are a brave man.

    The Batman would have been my choice but the Thor is spectacular.


  2. Your JOWA and number one pick really does want me to find out whats going on! I like the Neil Adams but get the feeling the foe in the ring was recycled from either Challengers of the Unknown or from your favorite… Blackhawk!
    As possibly the most prolific and thoughtful ( yes and opinionated) of the 365 commenters, it feels right you continuing this venture into the coming year. I know I’ll put any support behind you I can and am sure others will too!


  3. Hey Chris, kudos for tackling this! I sure agree with the JOWA for Simonson’s Thor, though I’m curious what WAS his idea here. He’s a friend, so I want to give him some benefit of the doubt. Nonetheless, out of any context, its not appealing. But so was Howard the Duck very weird when he first came to the table.

    I just have never liked that villain by Adams in the ring with Superman….I was picking up these early Adams covers just for his work, when they were first on the newstands…not to read the comics and strictly in this case as an Adams completist. Ugh.

    So for me the Detective is my favorite of the three.

    Perhaps a stupid question, but any way to get rid of the ads here? I don’t know what the rest of you are seeing, but I have an photo ad about aging spots and toe fungus, repeated three time, from the top to bottom of your blog. Kinda off-putting! Is that right?


  4. Thanks guys for the rapid show of support.

    Two and a half thumbs down on Validus it seems. I always dug his exposed brain.

    Thumbs and toes down on the ads, no question. I don’t see these when I post but I get a notice that viewers will see ads. If I pay a bit I can make them go away. I think I will but it’s too late tonight to get into it.

    Next up I will try the scheduling feature on #337. Bear with me…


  5. Chris , kudos for following up Walters’ huge effort over the last year ! you have me intrigued , so , i’ll be stopping by every day ! good luck !


  6. Thanks for picking this up Chris, and, as always, great choices.

    I have always enjoyed the Batman/Joker cover of Batman #366, and it seems appropriate given the final Covered 365 column ended with Batman and Joker.

    And Thor #366 is clearly deserving of a JOWA!


  7. This is the other Tim who’s real name is Tim. Well, I guess I’ll be following on here with you Chris as you carry the exercise forward.

    Simonson’s Batman is a terrific cover and drawing, had not seen it before. It’d look great on the spinner rack.


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