Covered Beyond 365 – Marvel Legacy I

Three great comic book covers a day until we run out of covers or I run out of gas. Please chime in if I miss a great one, and if I concur (!), I’ll recap.

(Squeaking this post in under the wire for the day – with only a few days left, I’ll try to do better for the rest.)

We’ve run out of sensibly numbered covers, but I’m not out of gas, and there are more covers! The Marvel Legacy Numbering covers! Because of the way I searched for covers later in the game, I missed a lot of these, and we are not going to end this theme with The Hathaways.

Tracking these down was almost as unpleasant as looking at all of those Four Color photo covers, and comprehensiveness or consistency is out the window. I decided on these guidelines: I would start with FF #646 as lowest legacy number to consider, only look at issues with explicit legacy numbering (even if this shared the cover with a “new” number), and not duplicate any territory I had happened to cover earlier in this theme. A true fanboy would probably do better, but you get what you pay for.

We start as we should, with an extravaganza from The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine, FF #646 and #647:



I normally like to stay in issue order, but this one can’t be helped. Art Adams’s crazy detailed two-issue connector is a fantabulous poster. However it’s pretty awkward to have to break the spine of two books to get to look at this.

(I can’t keep it to just three covers today, as all of the FF #646 variants should be shown at once.)

Ross’s “virgin” Invisible Woman variant of #646 is my favorite of his four:


The Perez “remastered” variant is a third great poster:


And Quesada’s epic Galactus variant of #646 is beautiful with a world-class giant hand:




5 thoughts on “Covered Beyond 365 – Marvel Legacy I

  1. The Ross, Perez, and Quesada covers I can get behind! The first Adams of course has only a theme of ‘These are the Characters!’ Which is fine but on the second cover… or second half of the two cover spread he makes Sue and Crystal look like children so over all he gets a thumbs down from me no matter how well he drew Galactus! He has a tendency to utilize what I have always thought was a manga influence. It became prevalent in the 90’s and was the reason I stopped buying FF although they have always been my favorite Marvel characters.


  2. MY late response is because I work nights Chris! Don’t feel you have to post every day however if you need more time to cement your arguments! I hope there are others out there besides me, Walt, and Bud who appreciate your dedication!


  3. although i’ve never left a response to your blog Mr. Meli , i read it every day and i also appreciate all the hard work you’ve done !


  4. Gerald, thanks as always for the kind words. I know that Art Adams isn’t for everyone. I can’t say that you’ve seen the last of him…

    Chris, thanks very much. I don’t know where this is headed after I cover these legacy covers, but I’ll try to think of something. If you or others have ideas, let me know.


  5. Gerald, you gotta hand it to Art Adams, though, man can he work in the characters. I agree, its all a bit strange, but the dedication to make a picture like that…Adams is also such a fine, highly detailed inker.

    But you are right about Reed and Sue, they look like teen-agers. Medusa looks the same age.

    But Chris, nice beginning on this legacy deal. I like these all. The “virgin” Invisible Girl is very sharp. The coloring on Galactus is stunning.


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