Covered Beyond 365 – Marvel Legacy II

Three great comic book covers a day until we run out of covers or I run out of gas. Please chime in if I miss a great one, and if I concur (!), I’ll recap.

Today starts with a monumental and beautiful cover, Ribic’s version of FF #650:


It seems like the doves are both for Alicia and Ben, and for Stan.

I don’t know what the deal was with these “Immortal” variants, but I think the Lee Human Torch one for FF #659 is the best of them:


Since I had more than three yesterday I’m going to leave it at two for today, to hold back some material as tomorrow also contains a matched pair.


4 thoughts on “Covered Beyond 365 – Marvel Legacy II

  1. I’m a big Ribic fan, first real exposure to him was when I read the 4 part mini series Loki.

    That is a great Torch wraparound, the front is stronger than the back.


  2. It’s a new style and while my old school comic sense says no…I find my comic intelligence says yes! There is something endearing about the first cover and the second is remarkable as well! I guess you can teach an old dog new trucks…or at least a new appreciation! I am actually enjoying the new FF!


  3. The Thing is Jewish? Is that a yarmulke? I don’t remember any mention of a religious association from iither Ben or Alicia…

    So I guess this is a nod to Stan…? I find it strange, and Alicia suddenly looks exactly like Mary Jane. Is this an alternate universe? Mary Jane goes for the hunk…

    Love the Torch business, that is really something to make a faming face work like that.

    Gerald is not the only one catching up. Had lots of work to do in the yard this weekend, Spring has sprung around here in Northern Calif…(and my daughter Alison had a baby girl Friday nite, her first…miracle indeed!)


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