Covered Beyond 365 – Marvel Legacy V

Three great comic book covers a day until we run out of covers or I run out of gas. Please chime in if I miss a great one, and if I concur (!), I’ll recap.

The penultimate day, and then onto a new adventure (?).

What do you think of ASM #815?:


I think this one is worthy, but the goofiness might be a turnoff for some. However, aside from the dullness of the colors I love it. A seriously great Rhino, and seriously great mayhem.

More dullness in Ramos’s ASM #820, although clearly intentional to draw attention to Our Hero:


Another great Rhino here, and exceptional b/w work by Ramos. I don’t think dialing down the colors was so necessary – this is a comic book, guys.

The American Dental Association endorses ASM #825:


Yuck! But fantastic work by Brown. The unintentional theme of the day emerges, all the way down to the artist’s name.



One thought on “Covered Beyond 365 – Marvel Legacy V

  1. Yes, its kind of goofy seeing Spidey there drinking coffee… I was sure his choice of beverage was milk! Oh… that is a great Rhino too!

    The second one doesn’t do much for me… sorry.

    The third cover is really nice… not sure who the mummified character is but would like to find out!


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