Covered Beyond 365 – Marvel Legacy VI

Three great comic book covers a day until we run out of covers or I run out of gas. Please chime in if I miss a great one, and if I concur (!), I’ll recap.

Today I won’t make three, because we have run out of covers. I’m squeaking this one in under the wire, so rather than a big wrap-up, I think I’ll be brief and save that for tomorrow. I have an idea for that, although honestly still no idea what to do for an encore.

I’m afraid that neither of today’s picks will be unanimous winners, but I calls ’em as I sees ’em. And I sees ASM #826 as a fine and different cover:


I think it might be the times influencing me, but Gleason really captures the spirit of NYC with this one. I hope NYC will look like this again real soon now.

ASM #833 is a great poster for the end of this exercise:


Yes it’s Art Adams, but hopefully not quite as repellent to my loyal readers as that set of FF covers. I love The Lizard climbing out of the window.

Drop by for the big wrap-up tomorrow. I can’t promise anything for the days after, but I’m still thinking of something that is both reasonably entertaining and not too time consuming – I have a day job…



One thought on “Covered Beyond 365 – Marvel Legacy VI

  1. Well, I don’t want to be negative on your final day of the 365 Beyond covers so I will say that background in the first cover definitely captures the spirit of the city on a warm spring day and I also look forward to going there again when its like that! I look forward to your recap tomorrow! ( SEE, I didn’t say anything bad about that Adams cover!)


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