Covered Beyond 365 – Finale!

Thanks to my loyal readers, particularly champion commenters Gerald and Bud, for sticking with me through this fun exercise. And of course thanks to Walter Durajlija for the original Covered, 365, which gave me lots of enjoyment and interest in keeping the concept going.

I haven’t come up with any really compelling idea for an encore. All I can say is tune in tomorrow and maybe I’ll post something. My constraints (unsurprisingly) are time and material. Without GCD I’d really be sunk.

As one might expect, the topic went out with a whimper as the number of titles dwindled. I didn’t want to finish off that way, so today I’m going all the way back to the beginning of the year, and recapping my favorites. If you have particular favorites from the past four months, do tell.

In picking my favorites I did try for variety, so these might not be my exact ranked absolute top, but I do love them all.

During the course of Covered, 365 I went from rejecting painted Four Colors to really loving the good ones. My favorites from Covered Beyond 365 are #421 and #632:



I especially love the high contrast, dark background painted covers.

I love so many of the Adams Detective covers that I had to pick and choose – like I said above, in truly absolute terms I might have picked another one or two of these as favorites. My tip-top choices are Detective #395 and #404:



I fought with myself about whether one reason for choosing #395 was its importance rather than the cover, but I can’t disentangle this, and it is certainly a great cover.

The other Batman cover that I just have to note is Cho’s Detective #1000:


I first saw this cover when choosing covers for this blog, and it grabbed hold of me and won’t let go. I am not the only one – there are multiple limited edition prints of this cover. The World of Doomed Olsens (or The World of 1,000 Olsens?) meets The Caped Crusader – bliss!

No real theme for the remainder, unless you consider recent Marvels to be a theme. The one DC is Adventure #437, my favorite of the generally great Aparo Spectre covers:


ASM #567 was one of the most beautiful covers I saw:


While Uncanny X-Men #491 might be my choice as the most beautiful:


Avengers #687 is simply amazing:


This was the top cover of many by Brooks that I picked. I went from never having heard of Brooks in January to being a huge fan.

The cosmic purple of Uncanny X-Men #473 was the one factor that brought it to the top:


I am a big fan of Davis, and his art plus the wonderful colors and the blackness of space bring FF #577 onto the list:


And finally I close with Acuna’s tour de force Captain America #615.1:


I’m sad to see this exercise over, but there are so many covers out there that we don’t have to worry – just open up the Gerber or dial up the GCD, and start all over again! And this is just the covers! I still have about twenty feet of Omnibuses and other reprints to look at! The greatest hobby in the world!


7 thoughts on “Covered Beyond 365 – Finale!

  1. While not all of these are the best that you have presented… any of them I would be proud to have in my portfolio if I were a young comic artist! I will give a rundown of my favorites among those you present.

    The painted covers are fantastic! The remind me of great pulp art and are very well executed! The Tom Corbett is really exceptional!

    Neil Adams has ascended to become one of the artistic comic gods! He did so many great covers and transcended the silver to bronze ages! His Batman images were just what was needed at that time!

    Jim Aparo is another from that period who excelled at cover art! I didn’t care for every cover he did but I liked a lot of them and the Spectre run in Adventure was a highlight in his career!

    While I am on record here for stating I am not enamored with digital effects in comic art my views are changing! I also think the Storm X-Men cover is incredible and the quality of the skin treatment is unequaled!
    The Avengers cover is mind blowing… and that is NOT a pun. It has incredible impact and can see why it would be a fan favorite!

    Love the Cho Anniversary variant! There is more the one if those Batman 1000 variants I like and may even snag a couple!

    Once again thanks Chris for taking the baton from Walt and giving us 120 more days to the 365 cover experience! I was always a reader of Comic Book Daily and never really a commenter but the 365 column really got me going and am glad in my own small way could be a part of it! When you took over for Walt at the beginning of the year I thought you were the best person to pull it off! I assume you have a bit of a younger eye then Bud or myself ( I agree in your term Classicist), and always presented an analytical view in your comments in Walts column! I can’t end my commentary with out saying that I give you a big handed applause for your dedication to our hobby these last few months and will continue to check in for anything else you might have for us in the future!


  2. Thanks again Gerald for your loyal commenting which really kept me going. Yesterday was pretty stressful for me, and as I was out of material I missed the day. I’m still thinking about what I might be able to do, ideas always welcome. I kind of like the idea of “JOWA of the Day”, but that might be like shooting fish in a barrel. I had some other ideas but I was afraid they might become too time-consuming to pull off. CBD covers the meatier issues and has a whole crew, so if I post anything here it should be like cotton candy, just for a quick look.


  3. Well, I was looking back on the original 365 and saw day 40 where Walt picked the ‘turkey’ cover… of course he was only posting one cover at that time… but I thought how did the turkey cover beat out Adventure 40? So there is retread room I believe!


  4. Sorry to use this space to make an inquiry, but I haven’t heard from you in quite awhile. I do so out of concern as I came to quite like your opinions even when we disagreed. Hope your well.


  5. Thanks Gerald, I really appreciate the concern. I am physically well. The recent times took away my initiative but I am slowly coming out of it. I might get back in the swing of things in a little while.


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